This firm is built on the principles of providing comprehensive representation in the field of Intellectual Property Law and for providing individual attention to the needs of its clientele and the protection of their IP assets, both domestically and abroad.

Inventions come within a wide variety of technologies and in a multitude of forms.
Whether they are chemical, material sciences, mechanical or electronic in nature, this firm carefully reviews all aspects of any disclosure or design and offers individual attention for seeking the best protection available. Context and strategies are explored in detail, particularly in the startup of a small business, the securement of venture capital, or for the eventual licensing or sale of the technology. We therefore focus on providing our clients with a product from
which it can optimize its rewards in the commercial environment. With over 40 years of experience, we tailor our approach to best meet the client’s needs and expectations.

In the area of patents, protected technological assets include organic chemistry in the areas of polymers, films & thermoplastics; detergents; toiletries & cosmetics; foods & related products; medical systems & treatments; metallurgy and material sciences; nuclear; automotive airbag restraint systems; fiber optics & laser technology; water & air purification systems; and a wide variety of mechanical & electromechanical systems and apparatus.