In general, trademarks protect the quality and authenticity of a product or service offered by a client. Protection of those marks in a competitive environment, therefore, becomes important in order for the client to successfully conduct its business unhindered. This firm offers trademark procurement and enforcement strategies, both domestically and internationally, and focuses on growing and protecting a client’s marks, inclusive of trademark registration, maintenance, policing, and enforcement in the United States Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] and domestic courts.

As part of our services, we highly recommend that before adopting a mark for a product or service, a search be conducted to determine the availability of the mark in a given classification. Screening searches are available for the exact spelling or design of a mark, as well as for a more comprehensive (right to use) search that explores a multitude of data bases for not only the exact spelling of the mark, but also for its visual and phonetic equivalents. The latter search helps to determine any potential risk that may accompany the adoption of a mark.